Why Choose Greenview Strategic Consulting

Greenview Strategic Consulting was formed to provide specialist market advice to energy, government and community organisations in the complex domain of energy and critical infrastructure.


Our 'Value Add' for you

Utilising our core values, Dedication, Integrity and Creativity, we pride ourselves on tackling every project with a solution-focused approach, providing practical advice and value added implementations to meet our client’s requirements through the use of:

  • Contemporary knowledge of NEM participant operations
  • Specialist NEM knowledge in generation, transmission and market dynamics
  • Effective communication; able to explain complex power system dynamics at all levels of understanding
  • Information and Data Management specialists to assist clients to develop critical insights, especially around critical infrastructure resilience

Services We Can Provide

Greenview Strategic Consulting is pleased to offer a range of commercial and energy sector services including ...

Market Operations and Trading

  • Advice, auditing and optimisation assessments on trading
  • 24/7 short term physical trading capability and advice
  • Registration, commissioning and bidding capability development for new entrants
  • Trading system evaluation, deployment and/or process improvement
  • Development & assessment of energy trading & hedging strategies
  • Portfolio optimisation to maximise commercial position (incl. contract evaluation)

Market Analysis and Forecasting

  • Assessment or implementation assistance of financial and forecasting models, including scenario analysis
  • Generation, transmission and market modelling capability development and assistance
  • Management of market price forecast modeling

Strategic Advice

  • review of energy strategies, plans and analysis of options
  • identification of operational, trading and market risks and opportunities
  • implementation of strategies & plans, energy policy & regulatory advice
  • energy and technical standards compliance framework establishment & auditing

Critical Infrastructure Resilience

  • Emergency management planning, preparation, response and recovery
  • Auditing, process improvement and business unit collaboration development
  • Information systems management strategies for real-time operations centres
  • Development of key plant risk data into key plant system ‘health’ assessments
  • Development & assessment of energy trading & hedging strategies
  • Key person risk mitigation strategies and protection arrangements
  • Power grid ‘black start’ systems and process assessments and tests

New Entrants

  • Specialist market advice for generation project development, due diligence and entity integration
  • Registration, commissioning and bidding capability development
  • Commissioning reviews, audits and assessments
  • Assessment of options & cost benefit analysis

Information Systems Development and Implementation

  • Specialist market advice for trading systems development, deployment and integration
  • Requirements gathering, assessment and reviews
  • Translation of plant/market process data into critical information used by decision makers
  • ETRM implementation, deployment and review

About Us

Greenview Strategic Consulting was established to provide specialist corporate and government advice and services centred on the electricity, gas and renewables sectors within Australia - driving you to your goals!

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Our Company

The Director of Greenview Strategic Consulting, Jonathon Dyson, is regarded as an energy industry expert with over 20 years of practical experience in the Australian energy markets. Supported by a network of highly regarded and experienced energy industry professionals, Greenview Strategic Consulting crosses the traditional divides between front, middle and back office groups within trading organisations, the operations and trading/sales departments within organisations, and government agencies and corporate entities.

Industry sectors that utilise our services (at present, largely based in Australia) include ...

  • National Electricity Market participants and software vendors
  • Transmission and distribution companies
  • Renewable energy participants and proponents
  • Regulatory bodies, government agencies and community organisations

Contact Us

For further information, please use the contact details below. Your privacy is important to us and will not be used outside of GVSC.

Contact Info

Greenview Strategic Consulting
Suite 2, 651 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills
Victoria, Australia 3127
Jonathon: +61 (0) 438-41129 and then finish with the number five

ABN 54 607 251 338
info at greenviewstrategicconsulting.com.au